Palaeopoli  Villas

Palaeopoli  Villas

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Welcome to Palaeopoli Villas.An oasis of calm and delight

that awakens memories of other times.


As the fairy tale begins…

The complex is located on a hill in Paleopoli, the ancient city of Scandeia, which is surrounded by the

sea where the Kytherian goddess Venus emerged. A unique setting full of images that attract every eye

and excites the mind of the visitor. The smooth rotation of the landscape combined with the sophisticated

decor of the rooms are the ticket for a magical journey into the world of the senses and the story!

Experience the most beautiful moments in a heavenly place…


Rooms from wood and stone that add warmth, distinguished by a chic

country style with antique furniture and painted with touches inspired by the nature of Kythera; a combination that complements the romance at the height of elegance.

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