The Association

CeriGo = Let’s go to Tsirigo!!

An idea that was quickly embraced by many colleagues from all over the island and from all types of accommodation. This newly formed association has as its members all accommodations with the MITE mark of our island that are subject to the law.

Board of directors

After the elections of October 9, 2022, the new Board of Directors of our club with its new body composition is as follows:

President: Raikou Vanessa
Vice-president: Selli Christina
General Secretary: Stamatis Epaminondas
Rep. Special Secretary: Hatzigiannis Panagiotis
Treasurer: Sclavos Vrettos
Member: Konstantinakou Athanasia
Member: Kostakis Nikolaos

Compositions of previous Boards of Directors

2020 – 2022:

President: Raikou Vanessa
Vice President: Stathis K. Faros
Secretary: Selli Christina
Rep. Special Secretary: Georgepoulou Penny
Treasurer: Katerina Mytilineou
Board members: Frank Van Veerde, Sclavos Vrettos
Alternate Board Members: Kanelli Andriani, Kasimati Maria

…Purpose of Cerigo

…to develop the bonds of the members, to coordinate activities with other Associations throughout Greece and abroad that have the same goals, to provide every possible moral and material support to its members, to help promote our island throughout the people and to offer all members the voice they should have towards all bodies as well as to actively participate in the preservation and dissemination of our cultural heritage.